About Us

Papergram started out in 2014 as a small creative outlet. In the earliest iterations, each stamp was hand carved from soft rubber using linocut tools. These little pieces of art were truly one of a kind.

As Papergram grew, so did the design and process. We melded our passion for stamps with our love of journaling and planning, and created a line of small stamps that would fit our needs. In doing so, we created products that we use ourselves on a daily basis and shared this with the world.

We love the beauty and simplicity of journals, paper, writing, and planning, and with that we love the creativity that rubber stamps and stickers can lend to the craft. Our stamps and stickers are perfect across various styles and everyday use, from structured planner pages to minimal bullet journal spreads, creative art pieces, and pen pal letters.

We're always brimming with new ideas and can't wait to share them as they come to fruition.